Bio Innovators Academy

Bio Innovators Academy specializes in providing professional entrepreneurial training in healthcare industry. Co-founded by Bioclub and almost 100 other listed companies, medical institutions and industry associations, we started operation from early 2017. We not only provide entrepreneurs with curriculum but also with abundant industry resources, financing services, setting up in-depth communities and so on. Up to now, there has been hundreds of company founders in Bio Innovators Academy.

Deepening Industry Socializin

dinner with industry pioneers


gaining connection with industry leaders
customized coaching on projects


gathering of industrial leaders


top-quality profiles

Casual activities to expand networks

Private Advisory Board



Never-graduating school



Curriculum Teachers

Entry Requirements




● entrepreneurs, investors of healthcare industry

● core members of large industry corporation

● those who wants to step into healthcare industry

● experienced doctors and so on


Teaching and Fees




● The length of schooling is one year, with intensive classes once every 1-2 months and 2-3 days for each course(excellent students can apply for repeat to the next issue.) 

● we will take turns according to the distribution of students in hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen and other cities with convenient transportation

● Tuition is $108,000, accommodation and transportation are self-supporting

● The time of each session is subject to the specific notice

Systematic Entrepreneurial Curriculum

Perspective of Industry


Module 1 Trend, Reformation and Supervision of Health Industry
Module 2 Analysis of Industrial Stakeholders 
Module 3 Business visit and Cooperation

Perspective of enterptreneurship

Module 4 Entrepreneurial Finance and Financing Channels
Module 5 Entrepreneurial Equity Structure Design

Module 6 Enterprise culture and Performance Enhance
Module 7 Business Simulation and Business Management Reflection

Perspective of Business


Module 8 Inspirations and Insights from Industrial Pioneers
Module 9 Positioning and Business Model
Module 10 Strategy of Brand and Market 



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