Bioclub activity is the leading provider of one-stop conference solution for the medical health industry conference, innovation and entrepreneurship competition in China, and the best partner for your conference. Each year, we host, co-organize and host more than 100 various types of industry conferences - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Industry Summit, Industry Forum, Awards Ceremony, Roadshow Salon, etc. With rich conference experience, we are good at theme planning and packaging, keynote guest invitation, media promotion, global project collection, entertainment cross-border marketing.

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China Health Industry Innovation Summit
1000 people/ shanghai

Precision Medical International Forum  2000 people/ chengdu,sichuan

Internet + Health China Conference   2000  people/ hangzhou,zhejiang

Antarctic Forum
100 people/ Antarctic

Public Hospital Development Summit Forum
2000  people/ hangzhou,zhejiang

Microbiome Innovation Futures Conference
500 people/ beijing shanghai

NGS Innovation Developers Conference
500 people/ beijing shanghai

China Optics Valley Bio-Health Industry Investment and Financing Forum
5000 people/ wuhan,hubei

Bio4p China Medical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference
1000  people/ hangzhou,zhejiang

Hangzhou Overseas High-level Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition


Medical  AI  Competition

Innostar global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Marine Life Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition


Health 100

West China Hospital