medical and health innovation and entrepreneurship platform



medical and health innovation and entrepreneurship platform

BioClub is a leading medical and health innovation and entrepreneurship platform in China. It provides one-stop access to China market services for overseas startups such as technology transformation, incubation and commercialization, and empowers startups with the integration of China's high-end resources from the government, listed companies, investment institutions and top hospitals.

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BioClub has strong qualification of technology transfer and incubation, it is the first batch of “Maker Space” of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2015, and the “National Technology Transfer Demonstration Organization” of Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2014.

The innovative model and rapid development of BioClub is highly praised by Chinese top leaders such as Li Yuanchao, former Vice President of the State, Liu Yandong, former Vice Premier of the State Council, Wan Gang, former Minister of Science and Technology, Lin Nianxiu, Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, Cao Jianlin, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Che Jun, Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Li Qiang,former Governor of Zhejiang Provincial.

China Precision Medicine Industry Innovation Alliance


BioClub is one of the top Influential industry media in China(total 150k online subscribers), it reports the milestones of startup in terms of technology breakthough, financing, new product launch and so on.



BioClub is China’s leading one-stop solution provider for medical and health events, such as conference, forum, entrepreneurial competition, roadshow, salon and business delegation. Each year, BioClub hosts or co-organizes more than 50+ events in China.


Business Visit:

The delegation is formed by selected CEO of star startups and visit well-known industry institutions including listed companies, global companies, unicorn companies, leading investment institutions and hospitals. 

China-Australia MEDTECH Innovation Park

Bio Media


Tianmu Bio-Pharm Accelerato

Bio Harbour


Bio Innovators Academy


Bio Innovators Academy is China’s leading entrepreneurship education program in medical and health industry, and the cradle of the future unicorn companies.
Bio Innovators Academy specializes in the entrepreneurial training and networking for startups.It was founded in early 2017 by BioClub with nearly 100+ industry organizations including listed companies, medical institutions and industry associations. It has provided industry-related practical training course to 120+ CEOs of Startup, and the networking service with high-end resource like leading companies and investment institutions as well. 

(Board Members and Mentors of Bioinnovators Academy:)
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Industry Institution

Industry Leader




BioClub has broad resource network in China including 200,000+ entrepreneurs, 10,000+ startup companies, 500+ investment institutions, 1200+ investors, 1500+ industry KOLs, 100+ listed/unicorn companies. BioClub also manages RMB 400 million angels Funds and has totally invested 35+ medical projects. 
In addition, BioClub’s shareholders are very influential in the industry including 3 founders of listed companies and 4 leading investment institutions in China.

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Health 100


BioClub has rich experience on the operation of incubator, accelerator and industrial park. At present, BioClub operates a digital medical incubator with an area of 1,500㎡at Binjiang District, Hangzhou, an AI medical accelerator with the size of 12,000㎡ at Yuhang District, Hangzhou and the China-Australia MEDTECH innovation park with a planned area of 90,000㎡ at Binjiang District, Hangzhou.

Digital Medical Incubator

BioClub provides one-stop technology transformation service to top hospitals such as West China Hospital, The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, The Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University. Those services include launching innovation alliances, organizing conference and competitions, raising angles funds, establishing incubator and mentors program.

Technology Transformation



Medical  AI  Competition

2018 International (Asia) Artificial Intelligence Conference

Internet + Health China Conference



Enpowerment Service

Innovation Space


Media & Event


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AstraZeneca, Fosun Pharm, China Resources Group, Meinian Health, BGI, China Life Insurance, Taikang Life Insurance, Lepu Medical, TigerMed, Tasly, Dean Diagnostics, Conba Pharm, IFLYTEK, CEC Data, Century, PingAn Technology, Andon Medical,TellGen, UEC Group, Deloitte, Minsheng Pharm, Baheal Pharm, BabyTree, CBT Pharm, West China Hospital, The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, The Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University.

Bio Fund


BioClub is also one of the leading angles fund in China, it totally manages RMB 400 million angles fund and has invested 35+ medical projects. 

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• Bioclub brand establishment

• Completion of Angel Round financing

• Bioclub selected as one of the first batch of National-level  Incubators

• Completion of Series A financing
• Establishment of Bioclub Fund
• Establishment of Australia Bioclub

• Founding of Bio Innovators  Academy
• Opening of BioMedical Accelerator in Yuhang, Hangzhou

• Official operation of Bioclub Australia Innovation Hub

• Establishment of Industrial Park brand "BioHarbour"
• Opening of Industrial Park in Binjiang, Hangzhou

• Opening of Industrial Park in Linan,  Hangzhou
• Opening of Industrial Park in Shanghai

• Official establishment of Bioclub Digital Innovation Platform

• Joint construction with TigerMed “Enterprise Operation Service Center”
• Exclusive strategic investment from TigerMed