AI+MedTech Actuator

Introducing the medtech-related artificial intelligence incubation platform that has been established in the Yuhang area of ​​Hangzhou by Bioclub. The establishment of this platform will allow Bioclub to achieve the following: build a medical artificial intelligence application cluster, establish a medical artificial intelligence industry ecological value chain demonstration platform, and one of China’s premier medical artificial intelligence core technology platform. We look to empower and help with the development and growth of smart medical diagnostics, medical devices and medical technology.

Specialised Medical Industry Services

Global Medical Industry Innovation Service Platform

Australian Federal Government’s R&D innovation tax incentive scheme

Provide international acceleration services for enterprises for whole-of project life cycle

Clinical trials and international registration via global CROs

International scientific research collaboration, translation and product development/manufacturing

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Address: Building 3, Artificial Intelligence Town, No. 1818-2, Wenyi West Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou


Or contact:Yan Jiang @ 15968898906

Overview of Industrial Park

·  Industrial park covers 10,000 square meters of physical space

·  One thousand square feet of GMP workshop space

·  Standard office facilities and amenities are provided

·  Established cafes in the vicinity along with canteens that can accommodate large groups (in excess of ten thousand people)

·  Fully equipped gyms

·  Fully equipped, large multimedia room that accommodates 120 people

·  Various public spaces such as leisure activity rooms and small conference rooms

In order to provide enterprises with a one-stop, comprehensive acceleration service(s), in addition to providing the basics in the form of policy consulting and grants application, financial advisory for investment, leasing of workspace etc., the industrial park also focuses on medical device registration, hospital-based clinical trials, professional medical systems training and specialty medical services: