for Overseas Talent 2020 · Hangzhou
Pacific Zone (Australia, New Zealand) Qualifying Round  

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Hangzhou of course. A beautiful paradise city where even e-commerce giant Alibaba has been established its headquarters, it is also the location where the G20 Summit was held in 2016. 

Where is it?


What’s been happening?

In order to meet the demands for its rapid economic development, Hangzhou has been busy implementing initiatives to attract innovative, entrepreneurial talent(s) in the technology sector to reside in its expansive high-tech enterprise parks. Multiple such sites have been established in the city over the past few years, including a handful of non-Chinese international enterprise precincts. 

Precinct tax reduction 

Lease subsidies

Financing guarantees

Discounts on loans

One core individual per start-up (who meets the eligibility criteria for the "521" Plan will be automatically entered into the interview stage.
Teams will also automatically qualify to apply for the Hangzhou Hi-Tech Zone 5050 Plan1.

*Note: Start-ups must register their business and commence commercial operations in Hangzhou within one year of receiving prize winnings

Start-ups which register in Hangzhou within 2 years of the competition’s conclusion could be subject to status re-evaluation after application. If they are deemed to be suitably advanced, they are still eligible for subsidies within the corresponding funding bracket. Other start-ups which register in Hangzhou are eligible to apply for local district funded incentives without the need to be subjected to evaluation.

5050 Plan

No entry fees involved
Please adhere to all standing rules of the competition:
•    Materials submitted by participants shall not be plagiarised content, or have been misappropriated etc. 
•    If any form of misconduct is uncovered, all qualifications of participant involved shall be declared null and void, and in the case of any prize money awarded, shall be recovered by the event organisers  
•    In the case of any participating projects being involved in copyright disputes, the project lead shall bear full responsibilities for any dispute resolution
If the competition cannot be conducted due to force majeure, the organizer shall have the right to adjust the schedule or terminate the competition
Materials submitted for competition registration will be released to major enterprises and institutions in Hangzhou, various hi-tech precincts and scientific research institutions, to promote collaboration. Please ensure that these materials are non-confidential in nature; the semi-finals and grand final will be held in the form of a project road show, and this process is open to the public
Participation in this competition is entirely voluntary; please communicate any objections you might have during the process in a timely manner to the Organizing Committee Office; if your objection(s) cannot be resolved in a satisfactory manner, you are entitled to withdraw from the competition, however, you have no recourse to request the alteration of any competition rules or compensation of any fees incurred from participating in the competition
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to further supplement the views and the power of final explanation of this competition; Matters not mentioned herein shall be separately communicated

Terms and conditions:
Applicants need to satisfy all requirements listed below:
•    Overseas bachelor’s degree or higher, or domestic PhD
•    Possess independent intellectual property rights with leading technological achievements or industrial development potential and ability to supplement gaps in domestic market
•    Founder or founding member of an enterprise and major shareholder 
•    Enterprise registration in Hangzhou Hi-Tech Zone (Binjiang District)

Government supporting policy for 5050 Plan enterprises:
•    Office premises subsidy: 3 consecutive years full load of rental subsidies after the establishment of enterprise
•    Research and innovation subsidy:
    (1) Enterprise start up subsidy: 200,000- 1,000,000 Yuan enterprise initial subsidies based on educational background, working and entrepreneurial experience of talents
    (2) Research & development subsidy: maximum 10 million Yuan research subsidies based on research expenditures in the first 3 years
•    Bank loans subsidy: maximum 5 million Yuan bank loans subsidy to an enterprise in the first 3 years post establishment, in accordance with the bank loan benchmark interest rate
•    Government angel investment: offering government angel investment according to actual status of enterprise
•    Enterprise development subsidy:
    (1) Encouraging financing: for enterprise that obtains venture capital, offering 15% of venture investment amount as financing subsidy, up to 5 million Yuan, offering up to a

       maximum of 25% of venture investment amount as government equity investment subsidy
    (2) Encouraging talent cultivation: for 5050 plan talents that are selected for One Thousand Talents Plan or Ten Thousand Talents Plan--National Level, offering 5 million Yuan

        subsidy to enterprise: for 5050plan talents chosen in One Thousand Talents Plan-Provincial Level, offering 2 million subsidy to enterprise, for 5050plan talents chosen in

        Hangzhou 521 Plan, offering 1 million yuan subsidy to enterprise
    (3) Encouraging evaluation: maximum 5 million Yuan development subsidies to enterprises that receive awards in influential entrepreneurship competition both domestically and


Who we are

BioClub is a leading medical, health innovation and entrepreneurship platform in China. It provides a one-stop access to China market services for overseas startups such as technology transformation, incubation and commercialization, and empowers startups with the integration of China's high-end resources from the government, listed companies, investment institutions and top hospitals.
Our work is primarily carried out at the China Australia Medtech Innovation Park (CAMIP), which was established as a collaborative partnership between Hangzhou’s High-Tech Zone (in Binjiang) and China’s Torch Center, with significant support from China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, with BioClub being the precinct’s main operator.  Our operations are further strengthened by the presence of our Australian arm, BioClub Innovation (Australia), which was recently established to unearth and collaborate with the brightest overseas talent and ensure they are provided with the best opportunity to land in Hangzhou.